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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 24. 28th September 1972

Down a Local Brown

Down a Local Brown


Much has been said and done lately on the subject of Maori language in schools.

While I support the effort of any group — racial, economic, political etc — to achieve equality and fight discrimination I have personal objections to the Maori culture, which I would like to hear comments on from Maori readers.

1.Maori culture is very superstitious. As an atheist and humanist I cannot accept the superstitions surrounding the tangi and the multitude of spirits and supernatural beliefs. We scorn the idea of Moses opening up the Red Sea so why not reject the idea of Maui fishing us up? Any student of orogenies might tell you.......
2.The Maori tribal arrangement is undemocratic. The elders, while deserving respect, have no right (in my mind) to wield the political power of the tribe. Everyone has a right to take part in political decisions — women, children etc.
3.The Maori was war-like even before the European arrived. Maori hakas, clubs etc all extol the 'virtues of war' As a utopian pacifist these values are unacceptable to me.

The Maori has certainly been cruelly treated by the European. While drunk with gifts of Pakeha grog his land was taken and his beliefs destroyed. But my beliefs haven't been drunken away — no-one has to drink alcohol. Some of the wildest, most indulgent eaters and boozers in N.Z. today are the Polynesians. When the marae, ancient Maori values are restored and we are all back in mud huts, who is going to be the first to decry the lack of D.B. cans?


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Sincere love & peace

Margaret Davey.