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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 24. 28th September 1972

Pacifists' Visit

Pacifists' Visit

George Lakey will be here from Sept. 21 to Oct. 9 and will conduct weekend schools in the three main centres of New Zealand.

George Lakey believes violence only breeds violence and that change is real and lasting only if achieved by non-violent, persuasive means. Week end courses with him are offered to stimulate thought and give training in non-violent approaches to various issues.

The Wellington seminar to be conducted by George Lakey will be the weekend of Sept. 30 - Oct 1. A wide range of organisations will be invited to select individuals to take part. Among them may be church and student bodies, Care, Hart, OHMS. CND, COV, unions etc.

It is hoped that the participants in the George Lakey seminars will return to their organisations as resource people.

The visit of George Lakey will thus give impetus and depth to the efforts of those individuals, among them Quakers, who are already active in this field, and will add others to their number.

George Lakey combines the roles of activist and writer. His first time in prison was for a civil rights sit-in; with Martin Oppenheimer he wrote "A manual for Direct Action" (Quadrangle 1965) He was co-chairman of A Quaker Action Group, which sent the sailing ship "Phoenix" with medical supplies to North and South Vietnam He was project director for the latter voyage in 1967.

His scholarly writings include articles in several anthologies and "The Sociological Mechanisms of Nonviolent Action" (Canadian Peace Research Institute, 1968) In a more popular style he was co-author of "In Place of War" (Grossman, 1967) and the author of pamphlets published in Europe and India as well as the United States

He has lectured and taught widely: Woodbrooke college, Birmingham England; Martin Luther king School of Social Change in Chester, Pa, (1965-69) Grefsen Hoyre Skolein Oslo, Norway, He lectured in ten countries in Europe in 1969/70 as well as throught the U.S. since.

Before taking his M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania he taught elementary school, did youth work With the YMCA and worked in a psychiatric hospital. He has been executive director of the Friends Peace Committee in Philadelphia.

In addition to lecturing his present work is organising for the Movement for a New Society With his wife Berit and their three children he is a member of the New Life Centre, a cluster of communes devoted to the struggle for fundamental change.

Enquiries concerning George Lakey's visit can be made to Joe & Phyllis Short, 64 Kelburn Parade.

George and Berit Lakey

George and Berit Lakey