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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 22. 14th September 1972

Non Peace Loving Malaysians

Non Peace Loving Malaysians


The statement of the MSA secretary had explained but nothing but simply tried to cover up the bloody threat of those student rascals — so called "Peace Loving Malaysians". Why did the MSA secretary not condemn the damned threat of "Peace Loving Malaysians"? Why does his letter avoid to discuss the bloody crime of "Peace Loving Malaysians"? Does he think such political blackmail is not important or does he try to help "Peace Loving Malaysians" out of the attack? Doesn't he consider "Peace Loving Malaysians" as spies? Unless MSA takes a firm step to condemn "Peace Loving Malaysians" openly, and further demand the University authorities to find out who are the "Peace Loving Malaysians" and expel them from the University, one can only suspect MSA leaders and "Peace Loving Malaysians" are either close collaborators or the same persons. All students know that MSA is financed by the Malaysian government. It is a tool of the Malaysian government to control the students here.

Kick the spies.