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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 22. 14th September 1972

Poisoned Pen

Poisoned Pen


Though I am neither 'pro' nor 'anti' tour I find myself decidely anti-Hart. In a recent official publication Don't play with poison', of that movement they were very much anti-Nazi; yet the publication itself was so full of emotional crap it would have done the Nazi propaganda minister proud.

The contents reminded me somewhat, among other things, of the arguments typical of a fifteen-year old teeny-bopper. Instead of the time worn phrase "Mary-Jane is allowed why can't I" it was replaced by "We didn't put politics into sport in the first place - the South Africans did so why can't we". I gave up such logic six years ago.

South Africa, Hart exclaim with horror "try and shove it (their policies) down our throats" yet are disturbed by us stuffing our policies down theirs if we "invade grounds during games". Hart might like to know that my shit doesn't stink either.

My sympathies however don't belong entirely to Hart. Think how dejected the N.Z.R.U. must be after being told what the "South Africans really want to do is to get us alongside their policy of Apartheid" when over these last fifty-one years we have been faithfully interested only in rugby. Perhaps it was the ideals of apartheid that the Springbok forwards were trying to implant in Tiny White's head back in 1956!

I wonder if Hart can mature six years in six months.

Anti-Hart Supporter.