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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

Are we 'Hair'?

Are we 'Hair'?


Hair is everything they say it is, Critic said that its a rip-off (or did Thort) and it is. But there is more.

To the great Middle class which is willing to fork out $5 or so it probably be new, fresh, vital....(add your own cliches). Regardless of the rip off Hair does present an alternative vision of reality — a super great brainwash where you are scalped by two of the largest stroboscopes in the Southern Hemisphere, and your reactions are pre-programmed on the electronic switch boards and light controls. But this show will do more for the Anti-war movement, Hart and OHMS than any amount of disruptive protest, SAL mass mobilising or petitioning of Parliament. Rip-off it may be, but its not for us; its about us.

For the well-paid cast its just 'work' (what you want to do) rather than a 'job' (what you have to do to live). They are onto the Merry Prankster trick travelling around enjoying themselves and geeting paid for it. That much was clear, for when the rehearsal was over the producer had to throw 'now' in many people's faces to get them back to 'seriousness'.

Sure its all plastic American Youth Kulcha, Peace, love the V sign and the draft, but New Zealand being five years late, and elderly matrons wanting some place to entertain their kids in the August holidays, it could serve a valid social function. It won't cause an overnight revolution, but among all the Hooha, strokes and electric sirens, there is a level of ideas and attitudes which go someway to forming the consciousness which Marcuse (and Reich if you're in the Values Party) regards as a prerequisite.

Its worth seeing if haven't already, but it must be viewed as a relic of the middle six ties, before Hendrix and Joplin did their finale.

As for the oldies who drool like Pavlov's dogs at the sight of a naked breast, there's all of a minute's worth, on a dimmed stage with a police siren wailing. Five years ago it may have been shocking. When I saw it it was merely superfluous.

Yes, its worth seeing but not for five bucks. Maybe tor 50cents.

Simon Ramsbottem