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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

"September Production"

page 15

"September Production"

is the innocuous title for an unusual theatre concoction which will spill all over the university theatre later this month. It's subtitled: "an original dance-theatre piece, with electronic music". The perpetrators say the plot teas inspired by the civil conflict in Ulster and is an extension of their ideas about the potential of modern dance, electronic soound-montage and lighting coupled to serious contemporary themes. When pressed to comment the theatre electrician. Bill Turner, shook his head wryly and turned away.

The opener Hit and Run sets the pace as Crazy Horse move on in sounding rather like the Doors, especially in the piano (c.f. Love Her Madly) Try eases the pace with some nice bottleneck guitar.

One Thing I love where "there ain't no magic in a one night stand" is smooth even and recals the Byrds and Flying Burnis Bros.

All The Little Things features the harsh guitar which highlights 3 or 4 tracks. This one ends nicely when the piano comes in beneath the guitars and picks the whole rhythm up whereby it all gets a bit frantic. You Won't Miss Me sounds as if Dingo wrote it, one listens in vain for the fiddle.

The lyrics, that now familiar mixture of lost and found love, moving on out to the countryside and "going back to all the old ways," skirt round the sorrows and joys which they purport to describe and one realty doesn't bother to pick up what they're about.

Its easy, its fun and is probably nice to dance to but its all strictly competent. On this outing Crazy Horse line up as the opening act before the quest stars appear.

—John Crommelin

Crazy Horse album art