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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

Jam in the Brain

Jam in the Brain

The approaches to this course creates traffic jams in the brain. It could begin with a study of current philosophical ideas, showing how these are incorporated into literature. It could choose to show the development of particular attitudes to life as expressed in literature (for instance negro writing in the U.S. has pearheaded the civil rights movement). It could devote itself to certain types of expression - scifi; fantasy; society novels; confession and autobiographical literature; best poetry; horror films; magazines; or advertizing - or to particular countries - N.Z.; India; Canada; Africa. With the new paper system there is no need to promote large and cumbersome units of work. Papers could be offered wherever interest lies, and could be credited to any level of a student's work.

The course as I have outlined it would work even better if students participated in its formation but I fear I have said too much already. Being rather timid I will also refrain from enumerating the obstacles, mainly administrative, that will be determinedly plonked in my path - class sizes, staff recruitment problems, library problems, money problems, examination problems, and other elaborate excuses. I feel that restricting class size and interest by promoting an unimag inative, long, and irrelevant course, is not the answer. It is time for the English Department to stop perpetuating its own dandified image by preening in front of a mirror, and realise that wigs and cravats are no longer in fashion. Alternative ending: Sign or be shot.