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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

The Rise of the Peasants

The Rise of the Peasants

Thus from their observations and their own bitter experience, the Malay peasants and working people have come to realist that all the insidious propaganda and Malay chauvinistic policy peddled by the Razak clique about "Bumiputeraism" or promotion of the interests of the "sons of the soil" or "Special Malay Privileges" and their oft-repeated promise of ensuring a monthly income of M$300 for every peasant are downright lies. These lies have systematically been spread to divert the Malay peasants and working people from the class struggle against the Malay expoliter classes.

The Malay peasants and working people are learing from their personal experience that the Razak clique, by be traying the country to British-U.S. imperialism and by ruthlessly oppressing and exploiting them, are enemies no less than the Lee Kuan Yew clique and the reactionary leaders of the MCA and the MIC.

It is not surprising at all that the number of Malay guerrillas in the jungle has risen rapidly and immensely in the last decade. This is of great significance to the revolution of the Malayan people in the 1970's. In fact, the Malays have a long history of active participation in the national liberation movement. The Razak clique always seek to fulfil the tactics of "divide-and-rule" by playing on the difference between three major nationalities which compose the people of Malaya - Malays, Chinese and Indians. The national liberation movement comprises all three nationalities and unites the representatives of them. This can also be proved from the documents in 1940's or 1950's. The official reports of British Intelligence Officers brought back by Malcolm MacDonald in May, 1949). The first 25 per cent of the guerrillas were Malays (Straits Times, 15.5.1949). The first person executed for the possession of arms was a Malay. Now, the leaflets dropped by "Malaysian"' planes are primarily printed in the Malay language. Recent reports in the Straits Times show that the Razak clique are very much shaken by the awakening of more Malay peasants who become genuine guerrilla fighters in the jungle.

The road of liberation for the Malay peasants and working people is the same as that for the workers, peasants and toiling people of other nationalities in Malaya, that is, by overthrowing their common class enemies irrespective of their nationalities. Therefore, they are determined to unite with their class brothers, the oppressed and exploited workers, peasants and toiling people of other nationalities in Malaya and to carry through to the end the revolutionary armed struggle to overthrow their class enemies, British-U.S. imperialism and the Razak-Lee Kuan Yew puppet clique.

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