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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

[Letter from O. T. Melayu]


A plot is now taken by the Malaysian fascist government-financed MSA through out New Zealand to annihilate MSSA under the pretext of merging the two organisations as one. The plan is not only brought out in Wellington but also has been instructed to their representatives in other centres. By the way, the innocent and dum dums MSSA leaders are ready to betray their principles and sell out the whole organisation.

The slavish MSA guys are now coming out to talk a lot about the disadvantages of having two organisations on campus. One must recall that it is merely because the forced formation of MSA by a minority of students who are instructed by the Malaysian fascist government that splits further the overseas students. As a former president of MSA, M. Lim should be responsible for such crimes.

The first step to unify the students is to dissolve MSA first, to calm down the tension among the overseas students and to prove they are giving up entirely their sectarian habits. Only after six months of the disolving of MSA and with the assurance of no making trouble from MSA leaders, the students will then consider to discuss the problem of student organisation.

Everyone knows that both MSA and MSSA are dying because they lack support from the majority of the overseas students. They do not really intend to help the overseas students as they usually complain they have only a few members. The MSA president, the lackey Zaidi K. Zainie personally admitted recently "poor attendance to MSA functions" and "poor response to Bahasa Malaysia classes."

Any genuine student organisation should refuse money or bribes offered by the Malaysian fascist government as it will create suspicion and mistrust among the overseas students. MSA is nothing but a fascist government-controlled organisation, a strumpet of the puppet regime of Malaysia. Thus MSA must be closed down. How can students trust an organisation backed by the infamous Malaysian fascist, racist and reactionary regime?

It is interesting to note that the MSA News-letter encourages students to "write letters to the three Secretaries (of the High Commission) on any matters of interest..." "Students are also welcome to discuss with them personally or by telephone." Also, the office of the good-for-nothing Students' Director of Malaysian racist government" is very near." It is also worthwhile quoting from the MSSA Critique that "If you want a job when you return home, then it is high time you make available your appearance at the Bahasa Malaysia classes." Students are partly tempted and partly threatened to join the classes which are part of their schemes to control the students. This indicates explicitly that the Malaysian fascist government maintains a full-time office in Wellington devoted to keeping an eye on students and exercising control over the overseas students.

If you do not want to be controlled or dictated by the Malaysian fascist government, it is advisable to keep away from MSA and MSSA as both are not trustworthy and both will not do any good for your future. At present, a few self-proclaimed leaders of MSA and MSSA are negotiating the possibility of merger and joining hand in hand to monopolize the overseas students affairs Eveyone should be aware of the plot and offer no support to either one of them. After all, the planned new organisation will become another machinery of the Malaysian fascist and racist government. This is merely filling the new bottle with old wine.

O. T. Melayu.