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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972


Congratulations to Salient!

The publication of the article "Neo-Colonialism in Malaysia" is the best work Salient has done for students and people of Malaya and North Kalimantan. The article expresses correctly the view of the people and the overseas students from these areas who have no opportunity to air their opinions at home due to the suppression of freedom of expression.

The seemingly MSA leaflet "A Reply to the forces Against Nationalism and self-determination" accuses the article as an "imperialist-communist plot" which is apparently a popular CIA connotation. The leaflet even attacks further the Vietnamese and Malayan people by labelling the War in Vietnam and the Malayan National Liberation Movement as "the communist tactics of murder, arson, torture and blood-spilling". One can clearly see who these bastards are now! These few academic bandits are nothing more than the lackeys of the enemy of the Malayan and North Kalimantan peoples.

Only CIA publications use the term "imperialist forces of China". It is interesting to note that these academic brigands get their inspiration from CIA sources. The article "Neo-Colonialism in Malaysia" has clearly shown that the formation of "Malaysia" was an arrangement of the Anglo-US imperialism.

The celebration of the so called "Malaysian National Day" is incapable of covering up the fact that "Malaysia" is a product of Anglo-US imperialism. Malaya (including Singapore) is a unified country which cannot be separated by the Anglo-US imperialists and their lackeys at home. The Anglo-US imperialists together with the two puppet cliques of Razak and Lee Kuan Yew engineered the plot of "Malaysia" and "the Republic of Singapore". This is the plot of divide-and-rule to split the revolutionary unity of the people and to consolidate the colonialist rule of Anglo-US imperialists in Malaya.

Diplomatically, the Razak and Lee Kuan Yew cliques advocated for "neutrality" and "non-alignment". However, they join with the Anglo-US imperialism and the reactionary forces of other countries in carrying out reactionary activities in Sea. They even defend the US imperialists against the Indo-Chinese people..

Politically, the Razak and Lee Kuan Yew cliques adopt the neo-colonialist policy of Anglo-US imperialism; maintain their rule of fascist military dictatorship; suppress ruthlessly the liberation struggle of the people; arrest and shoot the masses; and imprison the anti-imperialist patriots in the jails without trial.

Economically, reactionary measures have been taken to assure the interests of foreign monopoly capital and comprador-bureaucrat bourgeoisie by offering incentives and cheap labour. Various reactionary legislations have been imposed against the workers to strike and to demand for wage increases.

In the field of education, they implement the colonialist policy which preaches slavishness and lackey mentality. The schools aim at turning out lackeys and they did succeed to a certain extent as it is shown by the words and deeds of the bunch of so-called students who put out the leaflet.

In defence, the two puppet governments form an alliance with British imperialism Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia etc. This proves that the Razak and Lee Kuan Yew cliques are the loyal lackeys of Anglo-US imperialists.

Malayan Commentator.