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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972


page 2


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"...No need to go to all that trouble, Mr. Watt, just because I asked you to mend the kettle."

Straight Anarchy


The anonymous letter in the Salient of Thursday 3 August, shows ignorance on the part of the writer as to the aims of the Anarchist Movement.

The Anarchist Movement was formed with two objectives in mind: (i) to promote Anarchism, and at first to educate the working public as to the aims and ideals of Anarchism, and (ii) to provide a meeting place for the Left Wing factions, groups and any people interested in the Left in general. We had this aim, because there is a notable abscence of any place where people with differing ideas can meet and discuss them and act upon them, without having to unnecessarily be an Anarchist, Communist or pacifist: etc. Although most of the members have Anarchist beliefs, we welcome anyone, else who comes along to our meetings who is interested in any left-wing ideas.

The anonymous letter-writer asks why he has seen no action. The Movement has only really been in existence, since Monday 31st July, when we had our first meeting. Since then we have taken over a house in Kelburn Parade for a night to further emphasize that the state is only interested in propagating itself, and is not really concerned with the people it rules. We have also had a practice run for the disruption of the November General Elections, when we will be active in stimulating people to consider if there is any real reason why there should be a State at all.

The anonymous-writer seems to be only interested in the "propagation of the deed" aspect of Anarchism. This mode of conduct is is necessary to achieve, as a result of this ideal, concrete results contributing to the down-fall of the State. Assassinating Jack Marshall will only result in Muldoon becoming Prime Minister. In order to be any real force, we must have the support of those who believe in the necessity of the overthrowing of the State, and those who wish to work for a proletariate revolution. If you wish for larger results than disruption of elections, come along and lend your support. It is only with the support of the workers and others who realise the oppression of the State that we can ever hope for a revolution.


For the Anarchist Movement

The Socialist Ghost


A sceptre is haunting Victoria University — the sceptre of Simenauer. It wanders ghost like through the corridors of power in a self created limbo of the Left preaching socialism in one university, and hearing only harrow ing echoes of "Out Now" "Vote Labour."

The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles, Rob. So now all we have to do is find the class to which you belong and the faction which represents your class. Being an actor, with nothing to sell but the labour of your own hands and tonsils, being forced to work in another man's theatre for wages we can safely categorise you as a proletarian, i.e. a member of the working class. Now, who on campus is fighting for the liberation of the working class?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Don Franks.

Wheeler Dealing


No Chris, Mr, Muldoon did not write my letter did he write yours? —certainly your 'dribble' was reminscent of the Muldoonian egocentrism so commonly displayed on sub-urbian T.V. screens.

I will reiterate my point which you so conveniently overlooked (... a tailing of politicians when they realise they have been found out. . .) namely you have one hell of a cheek printing outlandish stories about people before you have checked your information, and even more cheek pretending humility when someone has the guts to stand up to you. Even the scungy Dom. and E.P. have the manners to print the truth, even if seen through rose-tinted spectacles.

As for your generalisations about "young married sheilas" (I probably have a year or so on you) — very snide, very chauvinist. Women's lib. Take note. When we really are liberated Christopher Robin will be first on the chopping block.

Love, Peace & Sincere Hatred,

Margaret Davey

Left Right Wright


The opponents of the party to which I belong practise the personal smear. For quite a while they have gone around calling me a CIA agent.

Having some pity for this childishness, I mentioned to some one or other of them that if they did their homework they would find that I was once a member of the League of Empire Loyalists, until expelled for being too politically outspoken for them.

I am pleased to say that certain liberals and others who take leading positions in various left-wing movements are now making this fact widely known among students and others.

Let me say to them, why? I conjecture it is part of a concerted campaign to discredit the most advanced and active elements on the left as fascists, such as calling the sitters down in the July 14th Mobilisation fascist hooligans and the Kent Flats squatters lumpenproletarians.

I welcome these idiotic attacks, because they will quickly reveal to all that these so-called liberals and others who take leading positions in various left-wing movements are in fact nothing but a pack of hidden scabs and traitors, who are at work in their underhand way at the same task as the political henchmen of the ruling class, defusing student militancy.

The League of Empire Loyalists was a right wing organisation, but one which gained the support of some working class people because in a distorted way it had working class attitudes. The UDA in Ulster is a similar sort of organisation. Membership of such organisations by working class people is politically short-sighted, but not inconsistent with admirable working class attitudes My working class attitudes were the same when I was in the League of Empire Loyalists as now.

The League used nonviolent and even violent disruption against political henchmen and others. The League was ultra-patriotic. The league stood for the defence of the independence of the nations of the British Commonwealth, and others also, against American and Soviet imperialism. The League opposed the United Nations, at that time an instrument of the super-powers. I was expelled from the League of Empire Loyalists for giving real punch to these attitudes in public statements. I have gone on to see that only in the Marxist-Leninist Parties of Albania, China, N.Z. and elsewhere are these working class attitudes truly upheld.

My opponents clearly show by their attacks that they uphold none of these attitudes, that they are themselves tools of the ruling class, that they are traitors, not patriots, that they serve U.S. and U.S.S.R. imperialism, that they support the instruments of the super-powers. They show this by using my past association with just these sound working class attitudes to attack these attitudes among my present associations.

Neil Wright



Why do those doing advanced accounting have to repeat basic administration. Surely it should be realised that when these two subjects are taught, they are taught in relation to each other and in effect valuable time is being wasted that could be used teaching new concepts.

Brassed off In Man. Accy. 3

Commercialising Druggies


We can partly understand Vladimir [unclear: Halama] response to "Caught up in the Web of [unclear: Sales] Addiction"; the hoax letters to George Antiel exposed in Salient a few weeks ago. Due to some oversight of the [unclear: Salient] staff the third letter and George's reply [unclear: to i] were not printed. These missing sections contained the most ridiculous tale [unclear: involving] a young man addicted to marijuana and what's more proud of it. (We are quoting from memory as we no longer have the clipping.)

Even so, other of Vladimir's criticisms [unclear: we] still cannot understand. Specifically....(a) He thinks it is we who are gullible [unclear: because] we laugh at the suggestion that taking [unclear: drugs,] (aspirin? alcohol? acid?)might cause [unclear: decided] preferences for long hair. (b) He fails to recognise that George Antiel makes out drugs to be the problem of "misguided" youngsters, and does not seem to realize they are not always "problems". This was the moralizing we most objected to. (c). Ironically, the way George edited the second letter, removing references to dark glasses and long sleeves for motives we questioned, the drug involved could just as [unclear: easily] be alcohol as heroin. Alcohol is also a drug of addiction. It is also very destructive. Remember that next time you drive home from a wine and cheese Vladimir. (d) George did well to advise people to take their problems to suitably qualified professionals but this does not excuse the fact that he himself writes at length on topics about which he is poorly informed. (e) We admit the question of the Sports Post's gullibility is not finally resolved by these hoax letters. However, we did suggest that the headlines indicated commercial exploitation of personal problems and the question we hoped to bring to people's attention was whether there is a link between the Sports Post's gullibility and commercial drive. Keep thinking.

Preferentially Anonymous (2).

King Undone


I am eternally grateful to Tony King for his advice on how to write articles satisfactory to himself. No doubt if a school of journalism is ever established at this university Mr King will be dragged out of his anonymity and placed in charge.

After deep study of Mr King's letters I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that he completely failed to understand the intention of the article he originally attacked. The by-election was so uninspiring and boring that I found it impossible to analyse it seriously. Therefore I decided to try and write a humourous interpretation of it. Of course, Mr King, that article was full of gross stereotypes it was meant to be. I am reluctant to have to explain this to Mr King but his letters display complete ignorance of my purpose in writing that article. Mr King tells me I should take up the politics of laughter and leave my bitterness behind. To show what a great comedian he was himself he had described me in a previous letter as a vituperative guttersnipe one could almost say that was back-biting or even bitter.

In return for all Mr King's advice I suggest only one thing if he wants to help me improve my writing he can appear in person in the Salient office and rubbish me for hours on end.

Finally I would like to correct Mr King on a point of fact. He suggests that I have yet to crawl out of the cocoon of pubescent righteousness "that most of us turned in with our PYM badges." Wrong, Mr King, I never belonged to the PYM, in fact I've belonged to the Labour Party for five years (I've voted Labour all me life mate); so you're guilty of that terrible stereotyping you accuse me of.

Peter Franks