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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 20. 1972

Straight Anarchy

Straight Anarchy


The anonymous letter in the Salient of Thursday 3 August, shows ignorance on the part of the writer as to the aims of the Anarchist Movement.

The Anarchist Movement was formed with two objectives in mind: (i) to promote Anarchism, and at first to educate the working public as to the aims and ideals of Anarchism, and (ii) to provide a meeting place for the Left Wing factions, groups and any people interested in the Left in general. We had this aim, because there is a notable abscence of any place where people with differing ideas can meet and discuss them and act upon them, without having to unnecessarily be an Anarchist, Communist or pacifist: etc. Although most of the members have Anarchist beliefs, we welcome anyone, else who comes along to our meetings who is interested in any left-wing ideas.

The anonymous letter-writer asks why he has seen no action. The Movement has only really been in existence, since Monday 31st July, when we had our first meeting. Since then we have taken over a house in Kelburn Parade for a night to further emphasize that the state is only interested in propagating itself, and is not really concerned with the people it rules. We have also had a practice run for the disruption of the November General Elections, when we will be active in stimulating people to consider if there is any real reason why there should be a State at all.

The anonymous-writer seems to be only interested in the "propagation of the deed" aspect of Anarchism. This mode of conduct is is necessary to achieve, as a result of this ideal, concrete results contributing to the down-fall of the State. Assassinating Jack Marshall will only result in Muldoon becoming Prime Minister. In order to be any real force, we must have the support of those who believe in the necessity of the overthrowing of the State, and those who wish to work for a proletariate revolution. If you wish for larger results than disruption of elections, come along and lend your support. It is only with the support of the workers and others who realise the oppression of the State that we can ever hope for a revolution.


For the Anarchist Movement