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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

A Pigs Palace

A Pigs Palace

The capitalist bureaucrats that operate the student cafeteria appear to have only sone neo-fascist view in mind, that of profit.

In search of profit the management leave the cafeteria in a filthy state. Overalls the staff wear are constantly dirty and cleaned cutlery is often found to have particles of food adhering to it. The tables and floor in the cafeteria are never kept clean and refuse and plates are allowed to accumulate until removed some hours later.

Absent also are the salt and papper shakers on the tables because of some swine called Merkin who kept swiping them.

Cooked foods are handled by the hands of the staff when tongs, which are insufficient and never cleaned, should be used. Trays on which food is displayed are not clean prior to the food being replenished. Milk shakes made in the coffee bar are appalling. Milkshake collars on the counter of the coffee bar allow groobies to be passed on to fellow students through the milkshake

Always requesting students to abide by the fascist rules of the cafeteria the management running the cafe put the government enforced regulations in abeyance.

The radical student should demand the following; (its quite legal so you fascists may request them also):

Demand that staff wear clean overalls at all times.

See that jugs of milk and water are covered to prevent them from dust and contamination.

Accept cooked food that has only been handled by staff using clean tongs.

Ensure that utensils are not wiped with a tea towel after being clean and rendered hygenic.

Use tongs yourself.

Milkshake collars must only be handled by staff and kept off the counter.

Avoid sipping milk shake before the collar is taken off. You pass your groobies on the other students.

Unless there is an improvement in the condition of the cafeteria you may find that the food you eat will have an effect similar to prunes and give you a good run for your money.

Bernard Randall.