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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

United (Imagine That! - Ed.) We Stand

United (Imagine That! - Ed.) We Stand


As a participant and observer of Political Actions within this university, I am saddened at the lack of solidarity within the Left, and sickened with the solidarity of the right. The Right wingers, although unfeeling, selfish, and badly brought up, do teach us one thing...solidarity Is the answer...(how else did McKinley get in?). Within the left, we have representatives from both Spartacist Leagues, assorted Communist Parties (pro Russia, China etc), Labour Party, Socialist Action League, Anarchist League (if you can call it left) and so on. Then you have the hecklers, and hissers (not unlike those on the Right). O.K., Sal may be too pacifistic, Labour Party too vehement, but we all have one thing in common. . . we are lucky enough to be socialists (in degrees). Let's try and get on with the job and with each other. Forget about petty hates and jealousies when you work for a better society. Solidarity is what counts, not backstabbing.

Take a tip from McKinley/Mowbray and the clan . . Unity means money.....to us it should mean success. Although I am left wing, I cannot join any certain party at present, because other left wing factions see fit to rubbish me or anyone else for that matter. Maybe Sal is committing political suicide, but that is no reason to isolate them. They may isolate themselves from you, but they could hardly be called Socialists, then, could they? Compromisation and Solidarity the Left wing is needed in order to show the fascists and capitalists that we Are a viable force in the rebuilding of this society.

Robin Simenauer.