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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

Sentimentalist Tripe

Sentimentalist Tripe


Mr Corrigans antiabortion article "A life in danger" (Salient No. 18.) is pure sentimentalist tripe. With his philosophy, placing quantity of life above quality, he should have long since starved himself to death, in order to avoid killing living plants and animals— I'll bet he's trodden on a good many spiders as large as the foetus shown in his much-magnified photo. The case against abortion is biologically a non-case anyway, since the life end health of the foetus is 100% dependant upon the life and health of its mother. Therefore, biologically, she does have the right to pronounce judgement on its existence; and anybody whose philosophy, morals or religion says she doesn't, should immediately revise his/her beliefs, because they are in disaccord with the laws of the universe.

David L. Atmore.