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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

[Testing Your Career Aptitude cont.]

page 20
In the matrix that follows, you will find all seven job/character types. Take your top score and locate it on the Dominant axis, and locate your second highest score on the Subordinate axis. Where the two cross is a range of jobs you might consider. When considering these, you should keep several things in mind:
  • First: don't write off a job because it sounds dull, or something. Always find out more about the job before you dismiss it, never write it off until you've found out about it.
  • Second: whether you get the job is readily available and what the competition is, as well as on your suitability and qualifications, but it also depends on a chance element. Somebody once said, that all the attempts to show that two and two make four always seem to forget to include the effect of a roaring southerly. If you are perfect for the job, the roaring southerly could still have an effect on you. Keep trying, the wind has to drop sometime.

The Matrix below does not contain all possible careers (obviously enough it can't) but all careers listed are possible. At least one graduate from Victoria has gone into each of the fields listed here in the past five years. The classification of careers in a matrix like this involves a lot of subjective judgement and judgements change according to perspective. The final evaluation and judgement is yours and its validity will depend on how much you find out for yourself.

Dominant subordinateActiveAdministrativeArtisticPersuasivePracticalScientificWelfare ActiveProfessional Sport * physical Eduen. * PhysiotheraphhyPublic Health Inspector PoliceDancingReal Estate SellingSafety & factory Inspction Dairy Advisory & Fare Advlsory work Markat Resarch Interviewing* Poreatry Mgmet * Quality Control * Meteorology Geological & alllad work Fieldwork in Soc. So., Statistics & Geology* Physicalal Edn. * Physiotheraphy AdministrativeProduction Mgmet Factory Inspectn. Flanning & Control work Public Service & Local Govt. Admin. Mamagement Traineeship University Administration * D & M.Hospital AdministrationPublic Journallaa EditingStaff Training Safety Training Diplomatic ServiceTranslating and InterpretingOperation Research Hospital Admin. Managament Services Personnel Mgmt & Information Barrister & Systems work Solicitor Computer Operations, Teaching Programing & Systems Analysis Statistical & Path. Work ArtisticDancing and Modelling Museum & art Gallary Work Ethnologist Product DvlpatActing • Music • Commercial Artwork • Isdustrial Design Illustrating PhoyographyCopywriting Advertising* Town & Country Planning Landscape DesignPatent Attorney Ecaminer • ArchitectureFuneral Director Peresuasive Saleswork, trade ladustrial & Export PromotionPeresonnal, recruitment and ladustrial relations work * Organisation and Methods work Managment ConsultingAdvertising Publicity & Information Service work, copywritingGenaral Sales work retail, searchandisingSales work Technical or Chemical Sales Representative• Church Ministry • social Mask • Teaching PracticalPurchasing & Supply WorkUniversity Asminis. & Techncial Staff Mgmet services work Babking, Cradit & Finance Management, Cost Analysis, Investment Analysis Rural and Urban Valuating, financial and Mgmt Accounting, audit work, clerical work, * Marrket Research* Theatre & Cosmatic Design • Industrial • Graphic PhotographyInsurance selling and Insurance work Handicrafts, Salf employment• Dentist • Dietitian * Dispensing Pharmatic • Optician, Optometrist • Biometrician * Actuary* Phyalotharaphy and Physcical Wifre work • General, Public Health and Peychistric nursing * Teaching Scientific Geological field work Fissheries Research Forestry ResearchUniversity Research Tachnical and Teachers, Collage teaching, EconomistCartography Scientific illustratingSales of teachnical. chemical, agricultural products, technical sales representative Records and Arohives work Library workScientific Research• Doctor, Hospitals, Medical Officer • Clinical Psychologist • Educational Psychologist, CounsellorPhysical Education PhysiotheraphyTeaching, advisory & curriculum dvlpet work.Children's book illustrator Careers & Vocational Guidance Probation ServiceChild welfare work Teaching• Medical Research • Social Research • Educational Research• Social WorkersAn asterisk (•) alonguide a career indicates that a diploma, certificate or degree from a university, polytechnic or training collage is available in Rev New Zealand in this this field. Tom should bear in mind that in meat areas, such tertiary qualifications can be a help in furthering a career, but in almost all but a very few cases the qualification cannot be said to be absolutely eassential. You should look into it carefully before deciding on further study. and you should check all possible sources for further information on possible careers, and allied fields, before you make a decision.

This is the chart for the previous page marked *MechanicalFluantCreativeFluentManualCreativeA. ABILITIESManualMethodicalInfluentialInfluentialMechanicalManual PhysicalVerbalManualPhysicalPhysicalMathematicalB. INTERESTSOrganisationalIndoorArtisticHelpingOutdoorArtistic OutdoorOrganisationalLeadingLeadingPracticalInvestigatingPracticalOutdoorPracticalOutdoorOrganisationalPracticalC. PERSONALITYCalm ComfortingComforting CalmIndependent Self ContainedCalm IndependentCalm ComfortingCalm IndependentRealisticRealisticSensitiveOutgoingRealisticSelf ContainedTOTALS1.

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