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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

What Sort of Personality are You?

What Sort of Personality are You?

If you want a job which satisfies you, you must find the sort of work which fits most closely the pattern of your abilities, your interests and your personality. When you started your degree course, you may have decided to do a "useful" subject. The extent of your success in that subject is already a rough guide: if you were particularly successful, and also enjoyed your course of study, it is probable that your course fitted your abilities, interests and personality - that it was "useful" for you. If on the other hand, you found your course boring, dull and only managed to scrape through, the course was probably not "useful" for you. Your reasons for doing it may have been that it was "useful" for someone else; but then, should you be doing a degree just to make other people happy?

Enjoy the tests, and then score yourself below.

You should have marked nine words, three in each group. Enter them in the left hand column in the table below. When you have done that, look at each of the words you have entered in the left hand column, and underline the same word each time it appears in the seven boxes to its right (For example, under Abilities if the first word you have entered is creative, it should be underlined twice in the first horizontal row.)

(*see overleaf)

Then add up the number of underlined words in each of the vertical columns, and enter the totals in the boxes at the bottom. (Score one point for each word.)

This is your range of scores for seven character/job types. The two highest scores indicate the type of career you should consider and look into in greater detail. It could be that these two have no relationship at all to your degree studies, but then they don't have to. One of the classic examples of this is the Masters in Latin who became a Systems Analyist (and in general, classics students' seem to be good in the computer field.)

The next three highest scores indicate areas that suit you, or they might not.

The lowest two scores indicate areas which it might be a good idea to avoid.