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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

Universities Arts Festival '72 Auckland

page 8

Universities Arts Festival '72 Auckland

A Musical Journey from South to North, for Recordists on Tape or Memory Log.

Travel Text

With a Bit of Madness in Me, Which is Poetry, I Plod Along Like [unclear: CICHSA]: Among The Walls of the Wind

Bāasho. 1864.

Scheme: Travellers Leaving from Diverse Points of the Country for Arts Festival at Auckland Record Excerpts of Their Journey Along the Way as They See Fit. A Note is Kept From Departure to Arrival of the Times You Begin a Recording and the Time, Between One Recording and the Next. The Auckland Performance of 'Travellinkup' Will be a Collaboration of Travellers Commenced by the First Person to Have Left His Place of Departure. Performers Commence Play-Back of Their Journey in Order of Their Departure Times Ending as They Arrive on Playback. Recordings Imprint Aspects of Journey Inflow They Can be by Portable Tape-Recorder or Memory-Imprint, Noting Details for Reference Where Relevan the Juration of a Recording Can be as Sport or Long as You Like... Be Selective or Non—-Selective But Whatever, Give Equal Consideration to the Spaces Between Recordings as to the Recordings Themselves. In Event of Recording Memory, Sense Acutely the Sound, Presence, Look and Feeling of What You Record and in Performance, Reproduce Recordings as Accurately as Possible Giving Free Reign to Total Illustration- Whatever Seems Appropriate. . . with Tape Recordings, the Performer is Also Free to Illuminate any Other Aspects that the Sound Does not Alone Convey.

A Place and Time is Pre-Arranged for the Performance, (See Below). When You Arrive There Will be a travellers Log Book in Which You Enter the Date Time and Place of Your Departure. When All Have Arrived Who are Going to, the Log is Consulted and the Performance Procedure Deduced as Follows.... The Person Entered as Having Left His Departure Point First Commences, a Large Clock Being Set to His Departure Time. Others Commence in Their Order of Departure. Hours Being Condensed to Minutes.... So That If 'A' Leaves Christchurch at 6Pm August 18Th and is Declared First, and 'B' Leaves Hamilton at 7 Pm, August 18th, Delcared Second, and 'C' Leaves Palmerston at 6 Am August 19th, Then 'A' Starts, 'B' Starts One Minute After, and 'C' Starts Twelve Minutes After 'A' to All Times Between Recordings, Hour or Fractions of Will Be Appllie to a Minute or Fractions of. Play-Back Time of Recordings Remain Unaltered, End, is When the Last Person Has Arrived.

There is No Obligation to Hang about During Playback Periods Nor to Remain After Arrival at Destination. Come and Go Freely. When the Last Person Has Arrived a Celebration Will Ensue for an All Round Endorsal of Arrival.

'Travellinkup' is a Scratch Orchestra Event of Joined Trippings.

Place for Performance is the Choral Hall, (Pink) 9 Airdale Street in the City. Link Up Time 5pm, Sunday, August 20th.

Take Care and Keep a Watch on the Living.

Philip Dadson.