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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

A Load of Rubbish

A Load of Rubbish


Since this is the week in which we all cultivate a hypersensitive attitude towards questions of Ecology, a little campus introspection is called for.

On Wednesday the 27th the Library Foyer was carpeted with a thick pile of Bank of New South Wales propaganda leaflets. Few Students stopped to take one of these blurbsheets; most trampled over them with casual indifference.

Throughout that same week every available space was graffitted with the semifictional ideologies, policies, life stories and otherhangups of all those politically minded campaigning for positions on Exec.

Throughout the year to date the University grounds have been snowed under with broadsheets from every partisan group and loudmouthed individual.

What I want to know is this: What happens to all this paper once it has been read/or ignored) and discarded? Do we show our extreme tolerance toward capitalist and/or National concerns and send it to Paper Mills to be recycled? —Do we burn it?, Do we bury it? - or what?

If student ideologies spent as much time formulating imaginative publicity campaigns as they did in formulating the image they are trying to project we might avert alot of this unnecessary usage of paper.

The Public Relations people responsible need to take a message from Marshall McLuhan and forgo a medium that involves the visual senses only i.e. broadsheet, propoganda and digress into that form of advertising that titillates or aggravates all the senses simultaneously.

Black and white optical design

If you want people to know who you are emblazon "Vote Joe Bloggs" across a well liberated breast. The liberationists will want to know who you are in order to castrate you for sexploitation and the Chauvinists will nominate you to an honorary position in Hugh Heffner's elite as well.

If Mike McKinley wants to make himself familiar around campus it doesnt require wallpapering the buildings with photographs of his kindly visage - Just get Alick Shaw to wear a personalized McKinley Teeshirt.

For that matter - since each of these demagogues seems to have an aura of disciples why dont they all wear motifs symbolizing their leader. Most other groups advertise their affiliations by wearing various paraphenalia, so isnt it time that the political clique also buttoned up. Who knows - the shock of seeing a giant-sized Vote Robert Reid badge blazing blatantly from a neighbouring lapel may provoke a rightwing "Fascist" into a political confrontation then again it may be the end of a beautiful friendship.

Whatever happens for the earth's sake lets stop this irresponsible and unnecessary use of so much paper - and as a corollary to this plea will future propagandists indulge in a more imaginative, more responsible advertising medium.

Its not so much what you say - even if some of it is true but its How you say it that counts.