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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 17. 19th July 1972

[Letter from Grant Waterhouse]

My dear child,

Image of a hand-written note

This 'letter' was received by three of those who were tried and acquited for throwing tomatoes during the recent Parliament demonstrations. In reply:-

for sure this type of unconstructive criticism is that of an immature child-like intelligence.

Thanks for your letter it shows you up as a real 'Fuckwit' - justice for once fell the right way - as none of those charged and aquitted had any contact with tomatoes let alone threw one, the 2 or 3 persons responsible were not caught! |t is obvious that you are facist in your outlook on Justice - you would convict the innocent person because you disagree with their idea's - this is the line of thought Adolf Hitler followed.

You seem to be typical of the apathetic fuck wit we find as some members of the public and some whom have infiltrated this university, unfortunately. Inhumanity is alright as long as it is not inhumanity against yourself besides Vietnam and South Africa are a long way away and war as in modern warfare and discrimination on race are foreign to you.

Well its about time you woke up and thought of things on a level that these things are happening to your fellow human beings not just Black's in South Africa or wogs in Vietnam.

The War and racialism in South Africa can be aligned to the Adolf Hitler policies, repression of all Jewish activities and rights, and atrocities in concentration camps; with South Africa and her non whites and U.S. and others in Vietnam respectively. I might remind you that New Zealanders fought and died fighting this — fighting for the freedom of speech (of which protest happens to be a part).

So why are you supporting it now you should be fighting it as we did — in the war to end Wars?

So if our suspiscions hold, that you are probably a member of the public, then next-time you see or read of a demonstration don't condemn it because you don't like the people in it. Look at their idea, find out about them then judge it on the basis of is this right or wrong, and if you were a Non White South African or a Vietnamese or whatever then would you like to be subjected to the same treatment. You are invited to come and throw as much abuse and tomatoes as you wish at me, or just talk.

Marc (La) Heymann. Grant Waterhouse