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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 17. 19th July 1972

Accommodation Paralysis

Accommodation Paralysis


C.l. Jones is on to a very important issue. But No 44 Kelburn Parade is only a symptom of a disease, Creeping Paralysis. However a progress report on "44" (copies will be sent to Rt. Hon. R.D. Muldoon, Dr. D.B. Taylor,) 7,8,9, now 10, soon perhaps, 11 long vacant empty weeks, nearly half an academic (26 week) year.

It's high time President Cullen and big tough McKinley and the Exec. demanded and got a full Public Inquiry into this delay and other priorities on space etc? Do other similar situations exist? Salient could then publish the lot.

However, should we ask the Rt. Hon D.R. Muldoon or his deputy to arrange the principles of the Inquiry? We might get efficient and dynamic action. We are sure they would be willing to give their advice; they live in Wellington too.

Space etc was once a very, very urgent problem in the whole of Vic. The University's Public image is seriously involved (see Evening Post 5th July). This vacant house could have been used even temporarily for many purposes over these past 10 weeks.

Perhaps even in co-operation with the very overcrowded "City Night Shelter" (where two of us help) as a social service to the city by the university.

How long? How long do we wait? For Taylor's fearless open community gate? 'They also serve who only stand and wait'. But wait for what? Rob Muldoon of course!

G. Kelly, A. Morgan, R. Grey, J. McDonald.