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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 17. 19th July 1972

Tolerating Lunacy

Tolerating Lunacy


May I compliment the organisers and participants in last weeks guerilla theatre at S.R.C. For those unaware of the organisers identity, I am now able to reveal that it was a joint effort by the lunatic fringes of the socialist and christian movements on campus.

The christian contribution was of the order which has come to be expected from this group. The repetition of moralistic mouthings followed by recourse to legalisms. At its best a reminder of the illness of our society, at its worst dull and very boring.

The socialists contribution was quite the opposite. This was guerilla theatre at its best. The dramatic irony at a cast of women's libbers playing the part of neurotic women behaving like spoilt little girls has seldom been equalled. To have women behaving precisely as that chauvanist pig Freud would have predicted helped bring home to me how false his thesis was. The emotive response of pure hatred toward the christians and the accusations of perverted sexuality helped show me how well adjusted our women's libbers and socialist are. No one could entertain any doubt that these are the women and men of tomorrow, able to handle rationally their emotions, able to transcend bigotry and prejudice, able to build a world of equality and sister / brotherhood.

God help the revolution.

David L. Cunningham.