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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 17. 19th July 1972

$2000 For The Creche?

$2000 For The Creche?


With reference to the $2,000 donation for medical supplies to North Vietnam, I do not think it is enough. In fact $2,000,000 would not be enough - a mere drop in the ocean. However while $2,000 may not be enough to patch up even half a dozen of the millions of Vietnamese seriously injured through the war, it sure as hell would go a long way to helping the university creche. According to our President Peter Cullen, the creche is "government responsibility." By what kind of perverted logic are the children of students "government responsibility" while injured Vietnamese are (presumably) Victoria students' responsibility? Think again, Mr Cullen - it seems the facts are very much the reverse.

All honour to Henry Stubbs for his stand. Its time we had less heads in idealistic chords and more feet on the ground. Henry's reasoned argument makes Rob Campbells emotive stuff look pretty sick. To be "aging" is not the sin you imply, Mr Campbell - in fact, unless you've discovered the fountain of youth I strongly suspect you may be aging yourself; and if you can't muster any cogent, rational arguments to support your views, if innuendos and petty mudslinging are the best you can do, for God's sake give everyone a break and stay out of print.

Solo Student Mother.