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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 17. 19th July 1972

Soppy Mobe Lovers

Soppy Mobe Lovers


1.What really personal sacrifices in time, money, study do we and these soppy mobe lovers make?
2.Are they genuine? Do they sacrifice a year of almost free study and go out of this factory and talk and preach! In factories, churches and offices, about their and our 'Deep' convictions and beliefs?
3.I've been on four; good fun, weather good social time good, followed by pissups afterwards. I felt we were bloody hypocrites.
4.Wars are a wrong way to settle greivances But these social occassions, these boozy mobes dont really ring true.
5.I've decided it requires genuine dedicated guts and more not a pleasant wander through Wellington on a Friday night.
6.I now even believe some of us like being arrested.
7.I've drunk and boozed often with some oldies. They seem to know more and been on more demonstrations than any of us. They just dont think us "Fair Dinkum".
8.Two, the other night in the Grand, said, "You have greater chances to prove your worth. We aren't against you but you are only playing a game." This hurt a bit. But is it true? I think so now.
9.We dont cut or boycott lectures, strike for a month, or lose our pay.
10.We have greater opportunities to really prove our guts if we have any. But have we?
11.All 'mobe' walkers and 'Badge collectors' should ask themselves this. I'm sceptical and cynical.

J. Richards.