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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Why Help Patch Up Commies?

Why Help Patch Up Commies?

But let it not be said that those who want to deny the Vietnamese people any of our good clean money have no constructive alternatives for the money. Patching up children etc. is all very well, but charity begins at home and apparently the sports clubs are just desperate for a pavillion in Kelburn Park. If the $2000 donation goes ahead then plans for this venture could be set back a little.

But it seems as though its not the actual amount which annoys those who have called the S.G.M., but the principle of giving any money to the Vietnamese, why else have they asked that 'no donation' be given? So it looks as though the lines are fairly clearly drawn over attitudes to the war in Vietnam.

Its surprising in a way that good humanitarian New Zea-landers should take that sort of attitude over medical aid really. Even the National Party Government was trumpeting around a few years ago how good it was that our boys at Qui Nhon were patching up ail-comers be they commies or not. And that was when our own troops were shooting at and being shot by Vietnamese.

The money for medical aid will be collected over the next few months in New Zealand and will then be sent to the Medical Aid Fund for North Vietnam and P.R.G. controlled areas of the southern zone, which has its headquarters in London. The money is spent there on medical supplies which are then shipped to the North of Viet nem.