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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Cancerous Plot

Cancerous Plot


R. Brown and D. Harrison are right. For too long Salient has allowed its irresponsible, biased staff, namely Peter Franks and Rob Campbell, to express their opinions. I suggest that they be banned from ever writing again in your paper, for it is clear from Brown and Harrison's letters that they have criticised the Socialist Action League the enormity of this crime must surely strike a response of horror and anger in the hearts and minds of all layers and segments of this university.

I suppose Franks and Campbell don't know that the Socialist Action League is the only revolutionary vanguard party in this country with a mass orientation and a perspective of success. They act as traitors to the working class when they pick up their venomous pens to criticise the Socialist Action League. They are as guilty as the man who axed Trotsky, or are their hands bloody with that crime too?

I urge all growth-orientated socialists on and off this campus to build a great new mobilisation around the central demands and slogans of 'Out Now' to these lickspittle running dogs of the bourgeoisie.

Some liberals may talk about freedom of the press, the right of anti-S.A.L. elements to express their views in Salient. I say let them read a real socialist newspaper. Socialist Friction to see how unnecessary and reactionary it is to allow room for the opinions of traitors. Even the Evening Post is more progressive than Salient in this regard.

Len Trotter.