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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Child-Like Naivety

Child-Like Naivety


Just a few comments on certain statements made by the rather naive Mr Coogan in his last letter, June 13.

Firstly, "the imperfections of modern medical science are not the cause of pregnancy" I am not about to argue the intricacies of cause and effect, but I would like to point out that a woman can take every precaution available and still get pregnant. It seems somewhat "strange" to me that Mr Coogan knows nobody to whom this has happened. I can name at least ten. Secondly, I think Mr Coogans phrase, referring to the presence of our children at our university, viz, "that they would be hanging around", aptly reflects his whole attitude to children: they are a drag. No wonder there are so many fucked up kids around.

Thirdly, children are not "luxuries" to be "indulged in". As I have pointed out above, when two people have intercourse, whether precautions are taken or not, a child may be conceived. Or hasn't Mr Coogan noticed?? Although I am prepared to concede that his language in this context is used purely metaphorically, it once again reflects his somewhat warped concept of what a child is. Would you believe a person, Mr Coogan? Fourthly, what makes Mr Coogan think that the women who study at this university and need this creche do not also live in these "depressing suburbs"? When three people are living on one person's income, where else could they possibly afford to live?

And finally, we also pay taxes, Mr Coogan. I am sure you are aware that this fact does not of itself give us any power to decide the priorities of the government. Yet when the government won't do anything, and we naively think the student body will, we are confronted with Mr Cullen's diatribe on where the student body stands on the issue: on the bloody fence!

Barbara Anastasiou.