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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Excerpts from an interview with Ron Cobb

Excerpts from an interview with Ron Cobb

Eric Matlen: Ron, what are you doing ... why do you draw?

Ron Cobb: First and foremost I enjoy it. As to why, deeper down, I feel the need to do this I'm not really sure.' I've always been uncomfortable around people who are very certain about their world and their values, no matter how defined; left, right, in the middle, religious, irreligious, etc. So I find security in pointing out any valid example of contradiction or paradox within their framework of personality orientation, or belief.

The only thing I accept about the organisation of thought, which is just really nerve Impulses. Into what we might call perception or conception, is that it be an extension of the functional needs of the animal. I think man must temporarily organise his behavior and focus his thoughts, relying on some expedient folktale about the true nature of the world, to get things done.

I have nothing against that. What I object to is when people begin to feel that these temporary organisations of thought, which facilitate action, are reality itself.

Cartoon of scenic drive

Image of a man looking up