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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972

Paranoic Fools

Paranoic Fools

From such a broad definition of what has to be defended, one can go on to make a broad definition of "threats": defence today essentially means protection of our capitalist society in a joint effort with similar societies, such as the U.S.,'Australia and Britain. While defence officials and even Cabinet Ministers are not necessarily paranoic fools who practice and preach the 'Domino Theory', their conception of defence logically leads to a deliberate policy of propping up and corrupt, reactionary regimes overseas so long as they are pro-western When defence officials and academics talk about stability and security in S.E.Asia.as they did at this School, they really mean propping up the status quo. New Zealand is involved in defence arrangements with Malaysia and Singapore and if you criticise our involvement in these arrangements you get the reply: the Malaysian and Singapore Governments want us there. Of course they want us there, to give some legitimacy and security to their regimes. But opposition parties, like the social democrat D.A.P. in Malaysia, don't want us there.