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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 15. 1972

Stop French Tests Citizens Silent Non-Violent March on Parliament July 6

page 3

Stop French Tests Citizens Silent Non-Violent March on Parliament July 6

Stop French Tests header art

[unclear: French] tests, Vietnam — the issue is the same, [unclear: ass] slaughter. The French H-bomb has not been [unclear: ropped,] while the American bombs are still fall[unclear: ng] on Hanoi. But the difference is one between [unclear: nmediate] mass murder and mass murder post[unclear: oned]. French governments are inept and blood[unclear: nirsty] (remember Algeria and the students killed [unclear: a] 1968?). They can be expected to use the [unclear: ombs] they have spent time and money testing, [unclear: ometime] or other. There are some 'radicals' who [unclear: ake] a 'couldn't care less' attitude about the tests, [unclear: or] them self-determination is all right for the [unclear: Vietnamese] in another hemisphere, but doesn't [unclear: atter] in French Polynesia. Tahiti's too close to [unclear: ome] to be radical about, even if its people hate [unclear: he] French and their bombs as heartily as the [unclear: Vietnamese] hate Americans. Is it a coincidence [unclear: hat] these very liberal 'radicals' all drink on the [unclear: wrong] side of the Duke?

[unclear: Some] real radicals at the University are trying to [unclear: et] some action. The feeling over French tests in [unclear: his] country has gone deeper and spread wider [unclear: han] over any other issue this decade. The French [unclear: lefiance] of world opinion is easily recognised as [unclear: ure] and simple arrogance. The New Zealand Government's inaction is obviously motivated by subserviance to its moneylenders and yielding to economic blackmail. Everything America has done to New Zealand secretly, France has done openly. Now is the time to stir, while everyone can see it how it is. Even the trade union bureaucrats have been roused out of their usual apathy to come amazingly close to giving New Zealand a lead.

The action looks tremendous. Busloads of marchers from Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North and perhaps even Hastings have been promised. Schools are closing down. Three universities, including Vic, are shutting down lectures on Thursday afternoon. There's been no call for a general strike yet, but if FOL Secretary Knox gets a few more knocks who knows what may happen?

We want a New Zealand warship protecting the New Zealanders on 'Boy Roel'. If freedom of navigation is threatened, or New Zealand naval ships attacked, we want diplomatic ties with France severed. These are our objects. This could be the real crunch for the Marshall Government.

If you Agree With us, March on Thursday 6th at 12.45pm From Hunter.

Lectures are Cancelled.