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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 15. 1972

Twit Bit

Twit Bit


Once upon a time a girl who had read "Eco-Catastrophe!" and heard Dr Hine (Marine Biologist) speak and consequently knew that the world as it was would collapse by 2000, went to parliament with 2 friends. The girl heard the Prime Minister speaking. He said that his party had helped the expansion of industry for ten years, and he was proud of it. Now the girl got angry, because she saw that the Prime Minister was doing something twitty. The Prime Minister had sent a friend of his to Stockholm to learn how to save the environment, but probably he had forgotten, or perhaps he didn't care that expansion of industry uses up natural resources and causes pollution and wealth and overpopulation. So the girl got up and said: "You shouldn't bloody have expansion. You should stabilise the economy. Haven't you ever heard of pollution and the environment. You're just a great big twit." And afterwards there was publicity and letters and congratulations. Margaret Davey, obviously doesn't care about ecology yet, but perhaps she will now. And so when she's walking down Willis Street and coughing out fumes, or can't boil an egg because DDT has weakened the shell, or hears about another 200 Japanese schoolchildren hospitalised, or can't go out because there is too much smog as there is in Los Angeles now, then she'll know she should have cared.

J.L. Middlemiss.