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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 15. 1972

Universities Arts Festival '72 Auckland

page 15

Universities Arts Festival '72 Auckland

N.Z. University Arts Festival this year (1972) will be held at Auckland University on the 20-27 August.

University Arts Festival banner

What is Going on

1.There will be two street festivals of a varying quality.
2.There will be a campus radio station going 24 hours a day.
3.Catering facilities will be open 24 hours a day.
4.The festival is structured on the whole 204 hours of the week.
5.Multi-media productions will prevail, where the individual is a member of the cast.
6.There will be South American political films and continuous movies of an entertaining nature e.g. Bogart, Sergio Lenoe marathon etc.
7.The overseas quantity will, hopefully, be large. Agents are at the moment in London signing a group - more later. A classical guitarist of world reknown will be present. The Australian Dance Theatre, it is hoped, will participate, and Barry Humphries is in negotiation.
8.Gassical/Modern Dance will be an exciting feature of the Festival with Australian Dance Theatre, New Zealand Ballet Ensemble, Living Theatre Troupe and more.

The emphasis this year will not be on mass spectacular events but on personal participation. Activities will cover almost all the cultural areas at the Arts Festival including:


A three day tournament is planned.

Blues & Rock:

A list of rock/blues and jazz groups as well as accoustic groups or singers is needed. Any light shows or other acts should be made known to us.


An International tournament with Australia is being investigated. Team numbers should be advised as soon as possible.

Concert Music:

We are looking for contributions for this section. Especially small brass or string quatets are sought to perform in our mixed media shows, street fes tivals etc. Any contribution in the electronic contempory music is also sought.


Ken Rea of Living Theatre troups (and Central Theatre) will co-ordinate drama activities for the festival. Conventional, contempory, drama contributions are welcomed.

Fine Arts:

This area includes painting, design, sculpture and photography exhibitions. A "family album" exhibition of genuine snapshots will be the highlight of the photography exhibition. Any other ideas, comments etc, please contact us.

Folk Music:

Plans are being finalised for the weeks happenings in this area. Paul Tremewan (controller) hopes the culmination of the weeks activities to be the Grand Concert in the Auckland Town Hall, which will hopefully be recorded by H.M.V. Paul welcomes any ideas you have.


Do you have any student films you wish to screen Robin Scholes is negotiating for overseas material for an avant garde film festival. Andy Warhol's Flesh and other films could be available for screening.


Russ Garcia and the Neophanic Orchestra are a possibility. Brian James the controller wants suggestions and names and addresses of people wishing to handle lectures, jams, workshops etc.


Liz Reynolds would like to hear from all interested parties. The highlights we hope will be a grand debate in the Town Hall to include the only five constructive stirers.

Law Moot:

The Law Students Society will organise a mooting contest, and a meeting to involve seminars of the N.Z. Law Students Society.

Literary Yearbook:

Stephen Chan, Editor of Literary Yearbook, 1972 invites contributors for photographies, graphics, cartoons, short stories, poetry, or any other god damned thing you might think is relevant.


Murray Edmonds and others will require assistance for their efforts especially in the multimedia attractions.

Modern Dancing:

It appears the N.Z. Ballet Ensemble will be participating in Arts Festival. Linda Taylor and Debbie Pearson invite all interested parties to write to them with any ideas.

Modern Language Drama:

Prof, Duckworth and others will be producing two one act French plays (probably lonescals L' Avenir est Jans les oeufs and another.) Please advise urgently of any other Modern Language Drama in whatever language you wish.

Other activities are also under preparation at this stage.

It is highly desirable that all clubs intending to contribute toward Arts Festival then contact the appropriate controller of that activity at Auckland University of the following address:-

"........................Controller, Arts Festival Headquarters, Auckland University Students' Association, Private Bag, Auckland I.

Also: Contact Victoria Universities Arts Festival Coordinator Pierre Maru for further information on such matters as travelling, participation, etc. It is essential for all intending to participate to contact Pierre Maru urgently.

Travel Arrangements.

It is very important to arrange Arts Festival Travel as soon as possible. Bookings on all existing travelling facilities are being made for Arts Festival participants in conjunction with S.T.B., at favourable rates. However, favourable these rates may be, they still amount to a lot of money. It could mean that Otago students are precluded from coming to the Festival because of prohibitive costs. Arts Festival is not in a position to sponsor out of Auckland travellers. However, if the right amount of work is put into raising money at a constituent level, the Controllers will endeavour to undertake some form of subsidisation.

Our goal is not a spectator sport so the onus is on yoi to make the festival real.