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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

eskimo dick

eskimo dick

A bunch from the North were whooping it up
Down by the old De - Em - Zee;
The boys from the South, who were down in the mouth
Were trying to hold Quang Tri.
Back in the States with his options closed,
Sat Dangerous Dick McGrew,
And pushing his luck was his light - o' - love,
The puppet that's known as Thieu.
When out of the past came the ghosts of those
Who'd stumbled and lost their way.
And none more sick that Dangerous Dick,
Remembering L.B.J.
He seemed like a man in a drunken sleep,
Who mutters the whole night through,
While his look of pain made it all to plain
He was dreaming of Dien Bien Phu.
He couldn't send in more combat troops,
For he'd promised them he'd withdraw,
But he couldn't go back on his plan of attack,
So he clutched at a final straw
'Send in the bombers!' cried Dangerous Dick,
With 30-ton loads they flew,
'It's bomb - or bust! So put your trust
In God and the B.52!
He banked on winning a war that was lost
So far from the Capitol dome;
He could take out Hanoi, but that would destroy
His chances of winning at home.
For ending the war would help him to score
In the contest of '72,
And he hoped in November they wouldn't remember
The gamble of Dick McGrew.

by Roger Woddis