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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

We Say • • •

We Say • • •

"40 delegates left the Cafe ..... scuffles broke out"

But why they left the cafe is relevant, as it is relevant to ask who started the scuffles. The answer could well be that the delegates interrupted Muldoon's speech to incite their fellows to 'sort out' (he Dominion's phrase!) the rabble.

Reports vary but most likely phrasing was "Could all of the red blooded N.Z. delegates go out there and throw the rabble over the bank." I wonder if the Minister stopped speaking at all. And the delegates were only too willing-led by the likes of Ron Jarden, (though a rugger wing, he seems very talented in 'lineout' tactics.)

"A number of ugly scuffles broke out".

True. However, mention ought to be made of [unclear: who were]. And do the readers realise that its hard to kick if you're sitting down, as the demonstrators were. The striding delegates on the other hand had no difficulty putting the boot in. [unclear: r]

'A handful of Police' —

Tee hee. 'a handful' how inconceivably droll!

'Injury to person and property was likely'.

Well I believe the police do have training in first aid, but since the ambulance is on the same panic number, surely they would be the ones to call, I cant imagine what injury to property could have occurred. And to whose property any way?

"regardless of my feelings... the conference had to go ahead.

Reminds us a bit of the old' I was only doing my job' line, dosen't it!

"retain my integrity as a person"

We're trying hard to hold back the tears!

More Comment and Photographs on Pages 2,8,9 and 16.