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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

pipedreams in ponsonby

page 13

pipedreams in ponsonby

David Mitchell. 31 or 32. 'all th poems in this book have been read aloud in public. A mirror to convey her vanities.

A capnbells laugh at the human of follies.
'below th house a resty plateau
of ponsonby rooftops & chimneypots'.
A sealing strip to hide the shun of sordidness of man.

has marvelled; still; th clear bright signs
that visit with th steady voice their own dread
stealth & omen truth; (th twins of time & pain)
against th dreamers & th dream; of love; of
peace; of youth...'

The fine and devilish ritual of life; the glare of rough lights in a yellow wayside room; calm and waiting in a notebook of fragments; dreams; cold pining arms

then, he
feels her slow foot
on th naked stair
[unclear: and]
& he
hears again, th small
cough in th hall
& turns
it all

Laugh again, deep, naked, from the depths of a dark river

'my name is yorick
& th worm
is in me...'

Mitchell sings blues, dreams pathetic melodies, cuts in with a ballad, misses a beat, grunts 'yeah', translates the words of his dreams into silences, memories, (Mitchell-2)

'as he who
would some kind
of wisdom seek
as that just folding of th eye
& closing of th breath
th heart'.

Drawing of dancing naked people

Drawing of a human with roots