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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972



Garden banner

You can see that your cities are dying fast
And won't be around tomorrow
And you ask one another just what will last
And won't fall away in sorrow

Well the rats are breeding and the vermin's rife
And they hold you life, I say-o
But don't scratch around underneath your bed
Look at what you're fed today-o

Between your dollars and the bread you slice
There's a world of strife to pay-o
Sir Keith, in brief, is the man you keep
To hold the Reds at bay-o

Yet all that you need to sustain your life
Is a spade and a knife, I say-o
So milk your cattle and dig your weeds
It'll get you through today o-kay

Singing dum-dee-diddle all day, all day
Singing dum-dee-diddle all day-o
Singing dee-dee-diddle all day, all day
Singing diddle-dee-diddle all day-o

Drawing of ladybirds

The above ballad is included as part of a straightforward effort to convince you to learn to garden organically, in order to achieve for yourself an independence from contaminated foods, economic insecurity, and exploitative and militaristic socio-political systems. Convinced? Good. Now, if you're relatively new at the delightful pursuit of growing little vegetables to eat, we can suggest a good book to rip off, borrow or buy: Organic Gardening without Poisons by Hamilton Tyler (Pocket Books paperback, $1.50). Tyler is a professional gardener, and he talks in practical terms about what you can do to control pests and disease in plants, without resorting to ecologically disastrous poisons.

Drawing of a man with vegetables

This is a pleasant and easy book to read. It is right for basic gardening knowledge, along with The Basic Book of Organic Gardening' (ed.J.I.Rudabe), also available inpaperback. For a more detailed and technical presentation of facts on pest control, 'Gardening without Poisons' by Beatrice Hunter is the proper book

Remember, you dont have to believe that the survival of mankind is in jeopardy, to grow a garden.

Shovel in hand, all - dig it!!

Drawing of musical notes

You can see that your ci-ties are dy-ing fast and

Drawing of musical notes cont.

wont be a-round to-mor-row....