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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

Ingredients of Racism

Ingredients of Racism

Gangs have a potential for violence that may yet involve this community in racial strife. The Easter battle between the Bikies and the Mongrels at Palmerston North had overtones of racism as well as gang rivalry that we should heed as a portent of danger for the future. When deprived Pakehas express their need for status in terms of their superiority over Maoris because they own bikes and the Mongrels do not, we have in New Zealand the ingredients of racism.

However, I do not wish to conclude on a pessimistic note. There is yet time and hope for the future. There is no communication between gangs and society. But between the gangs and society there are conservative, liberal activist and radical Maori groups that are filling the role as sounding boards for the needs of the minority. There are Maori Councils, Maori Women's Welfare Leagues, Nga Tamatoa, and the Maori Organisation on Human Rights. If wise men are not forthcoming from the Pakeha majority to solve the problems that I have outlined in this paper, then the Pakeha had better listen to the wise men from these groups. It is they, not the Pakeha who have the knowledge and advantage of living in two cultures.

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Rangi Walker addressing the conference.

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