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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

Brown and White

Brown and White

In addition to the integrative function for the individual the minor system also has an integrative function for the society as a whole. Maori associations are not exclusive to Maoris. Most Maori associations have Pakeha members by right of inter-marriage, friendship or merely the wish to be there. Furthermore, there are points within the social system where Maori and Pakeha organisations interest with each other for their mutual advantage. For instance maori associations such as the Maori Women's Welfare League promote the pre-school movement among the Maori mothers. Maori welfare committees cooperate with schools and state departments, Maori wardens deal with minors in hotels, Maori culture clubs are in demand to meet tourist ships or visiting celebrities at the airport. The importance of the voting power of Maoris in voluntary associations is not lost on Pakeha aspirants to office in local bodies, pakeha candidates for local body elections have appeared before Maori organisations to put their case. Thus the minor and major systems of Maori and Pakeha social organisations are not mutually exclusive, they interlock and interact to form the greater whole that is New Zealand society.