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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 10. 24 May 1972

Lee Resigns

Lee Resigns

I have handed in my resignation as Man-Vice President and as the International Affairs Officer. The reason for my resignation was over the PBEC Conference indidents.

On Thursday 18 May, I demanded that the flags of the Governments of USA, South Vietnam and Taiwan be removed from the Union Hall. My reasons for doing so were simply to implement this Association's policy as passed by SRC and General Meetings - the policies decided by the Students. This Association is strongly against America's involvement in Indo China. This Association also recognizes only one China (The Peoples' Republic of China) and supports the PRG and the total victory of the NLF. The presence of the 3 flags in our Union building was contradictory to the policies of this Association.

Picture of H. T. Lee

As an elected representative of this Association (International Affairs Officer as well as Man Vice President) I had to implement the policy of the Association. Refusing to do so would amount to shirking away from my responsibility. I demanded that the flags involved be taken down and was prepared to take them down myself if the demand was not heeded.

On Friday 19th May, the flags were removed and I took very little part in the protest. I was a photographer for Salient on the Friday.

However on occasions fellow members of the executive disagreed with my actions. They felt that my actions especially on Thursday were unbecoming. They feel that I should at best be impartial if I was not prepared to support the President.

Since then, the Executive in an emergency meeting on Sunday 21 May, has passed a vote of no confidence in me. In fact I had in mind to hand in my resignation before the meeting.

The meeting only confirmed my feeling over this matter and in a way forced my resignation.

I still maintain that what I did on Thursday, I had to do — I was carrying out my responsibility, implementing the policies of this Association. Whether I acted rightly or wrongly on Thursday is entirely up to you students to decide.