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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

Letters to the Editor (Cont.)

page 4

Letters to the Editor (Cont.)


I think that Miss Days Bay Wharf '72 rather misses the point. That Liberals like Giacometti sculpture quadrisonic sound and Citroens is rather premised on the fact of their being in a priveledged enough position to do so. The list of attributes listed in Salient No. 7 were testimony to a blind conformism and dilletantism which extends to politics as much as to Beardsley posters. Liberals, having securred a stable niche in the current order of things are aware that to be 'in' one has to be fashionably anti-Establishment. Liberals are anti-Tour, but they are blind to the racism endemic in their own communities and on campus; Liberals are anti Vietnam, but don't realise that Vietnam is no accident but simply an instance in a repeated pattern of forcible support of elites in countries of the Third World; which are hence sympathetically disposed to Western 'economic penetration' (read exploitation) the profits of which help support the Liberals 'Liberal lifestyle!' Remember, it were 'liberals' like Kennedy (vs Nixon) and LBJ (vs Goldwater) who got us into Vietnam in the first place.

And even if an apprehension of the fact that a great part of the basis of 'Western Society' is based on Genocide and the systematic exploitation of minorities (remember the profits from the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the conquest of India helped spark off the Industrial Revolution) and that this pattern is repeated within our own society ever dawns, the Liberal has too many vested interests to really do anything about it—except to apply a Social Cosmetic. Thus rather than questioning the very concept of prison (universities for crime), the Liberal campaigns for prison 'Reform'. Rather than questioning the concept of Mental 'hospitals' (where the old are taken to die or where the nuisance child is drugged or undergoes electro-convulsive 'therapy') or of Schools (wich after all were first instituted to 'keep the kids off the streets'), both being mere Homologues of Prison, the Liberal again fights for 'Reform'. In a world gone mad, the only real alternative for people who simply want to pursue their own lives in their own way is quite simply to set up their own social groupings and develop their own way. Hence the 'Alternative Society'. Rather than just a collection of alternative Social Institutions, it should present alternatives to them. With an economic independence from 'Society' based on co-operative groupings (eg. the food co-op), the 'Alternative Society' is immediately subversive and allows for the development of new forms of community, of life-style, of human relationships........

Miss Days Bay Wharf '72, force-fed muesli and unbleached flour by the advertising machine and secured in her economic niche, would not have the determination or strength of gut—feeling in being wronged or discriminated against to wrench herself free and join the Revolution.

Derek Smelser.


By your check-list, I am an out-and-out liberal. Yet strangely, I can not summon up much guilt about liking Bach or beeswax candles. My withers would be more wrung if you defined liberals as people who learn Maori, but have never spoken to the Islanders next door, or hate the war but have never written to their MP. A lack of correlation between words and deeds is a besetting sin of us liberals, but also of plenty of you super-radicals too. 1. Radicals wear camo-phlage jackets. 2. Radicals say they've smoked pot, whether they ever have or not. .... It's too easy. I think I've come to my present state by an honest analysis of the issues, and not for the sake of the image it presents. Can every radical say the same? And the 64 dollar question. Would you Rather i were a Bloody Conservative? It was we liberals, and not you radicals, who knocked back the conservatives to the extent that we can all read the Little Red School Book, watch Hair, etc. undisturbed. You may despise those two, but Would you Rather they were Banned? And the bloody conservatives are still in power, to the extent that the LRSB would be banned if they hadn't been knocked back. So pull your bloody heads in: we're not altogether with you, but at least we're not against you. It's conservative and fascist fatheads, not fuzzy eggheads who are the real enemy. Peace,

Arthur Kipp.


With reference to your front page article of last week's Salient, I was sickened and disgusted by the methods you set out with great glee that protesters could use if confronted by a police dog. You guys, who are always crying about the value of human life, (quite rightly so) don't seem to think that this sort of right exists, as far as a police dog is concerned.

The fact that our prick of a government is going to use police dogs at future demos is a worrying thing, and you are quite right to discuss the point in Salient, but are you only concerned with dismembering police dogs? We should be more concerned with kicking the bastard in the balls who controls the dog, rather than the dog itself.

Two points about your article. Firstly, the point made above, about the streak of sadism your article revealed. Decondly, I think you are rather misleading in the way you reckon it would be bloody easy to tip up a 120lb police dog. Try it! It is for us to put the pressure on the fucking Govt, to prevent the cops from using dogs to, face it, prevent people from exercising their democratic rights to protest. I don't suppose we can expect any support from the N.Z. public. They are too fuckwitted and ethenised by the National Government to give a stuff, as long as the piss is still flowing in their veins. Look at the Evening Post on 27th April, where all the mothers of ten in Timaru showed this. Let us throw wolf shit, but only at the National Government, not at a bloody dog that doesn't know any better, only obeying orders.

While I'm still spouting, I want to say a few words about the bastards who have been posting up anti-apartheid slogans around the place. Who the fuck do they think they are? Christ every one with an ounce of decency supports the sentiments, but what right do these cowardly pricks have to write these slogans all over the varsity buildings? These immature shits wouldn't have the guts to do the same in town or at Athletic Park, but Christ, give them a varsity building and away they go! Don't seem to give a stuff that we pay through the arse to clean them off.

When mention is made of the word "responsibility", all the pseudo-intellectual fuck artists laugh and sneer. It's not hip to respect the property of others, but I bet these pricks would scream if someone painted slogans all over their digs.

Finally, while on the subjects of posters, I spew when I think of some jackbooted fascist cunt putting up Nazi stickers around this place. If me or any of my mates catch you, you fucking yellow fascist shit, you will look like a fucking police dog after being dealt with a la Salient or Suggate's penis.

Yeksot Nottis