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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

[Letter from Arthur Kipp]


By your check-list, I am an out-and-out liberal. Yet strangely, I can not summon up much guilt about liking Bach or beeswax candles. My withers would be more wrung if you defined liberals as people who learn Maori, but have never spoken to the Islanders next door, or hate the war but have never written to their MP. A lack of correlation between words and deeds is a besetting sin of us liberals, but also of plenty of you super-radicals too. 1. Radicals wear camo-phlage jackets. 2. Radicals say they've smoked pot, whether they ever have or not. .... It's too easy. I think I've come to my present state by an honest analysis of the issues, and not for the sake of the image it presents. Can every radical say the same? And the 64 dollar question. Would you Rather i were a Bloody Conservative? It was we liberals, and not you radicals, who knocked back the conservatives to the extent that we can all read the Little Red School Book, watch Hair, etc. undisturbed. You may despise those two, but Would you Rather they were Banned? And the bloody conservatives are still in power, to the extent that the LRSB would be banned if they hadn't been knocked back. So pull your bloody heads in: we're not altogether with you, but at least we're not against you. It's conservative and fascist fatheads, not fuzzy eggheads who are the real enemy. Peace,

Arthur Kipp.