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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

Round One

Round One

A reporter (me) and a photographer just happen to be outside Devon's house (144 Kelburn Parade) one evening when who should pad down the path but Devon himself, off for his regular run, Its no trouble spotting him - know anyone else who goes for a run every morning and every night carrying a transistor radio? l mean, who else do you know who is convinced that world war 3 might break out at any minute?

Anyway, out he comes, 'click' goes the camera, and Devon runs past seeming not to notice. Incredible! He's been avoiding the camera for years and its as easy as this to snap him!

We walk off up the road, the job over. Uh oh - job not overhere's Devon down the road towards us, he must have heard the the camera after all. Hello, he's pulling his jersey up to cover his face ! I thought he'd grown his beard to do that ! The photographer is too dumbfounded to snap this trick. Devon mumbles 'Just Taking A Look' and shuffles off to his home.

Half an hour later we are walking back down Kelburn Pde; blathering away - hello, Devon whizzes past, he's been following us, listening to every word ! We laugh considerably. Its so hard to believe that he's for real And he's angry, he shouts 'Jesus you 're amateurs !' And he's right !!

Later in the darkroom the crucial shot doesn't develop - the negative is completely white. The Biggs hex on cameras wins again !

Blurry photo of a man running

Masked man in Kelburn - It couldn't happen here ? -!! jerks this time because I was trying to get a close up.

Blurry photo of a man running

'"A near thing - I'll have to liquidate this snoop"

Blurry photo

"Now we'll see who can run"

- no apology for trembling camera.

Blurry photo of a man running

"I'll give up this chase, hand it over to 'Operations'. The transistor can't be a walkie-talkie after all!