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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

Grants Report for SRC

Grants Report for SRC

Clause I

The collection of membership fees from non-students who are members of sports and cultural clubs was discussed at the annual General Meeting of VUWSA on the 6/4/72. It was alleged by some members of the Association that many non-students both in sport and cultural clubs were not paying the membership fee to the respective club-in the case of Sports clubs or the Cultural Affairs Council-in the case of the Cultural clubs as required by the Constitution. Because of this, the following two motions were passed:
Motion 1:That the Annual Report, Budget and Accounts of VUWSA be not accepted until the SRC is satisfied that the financial affairs of affilliated clubs receiving grants and loans are in order, and that no monies be paid to the Sports Council or the Cultural Clubs Committee until the SRC so agrees.
Motion 2:That the following be appointed members of the committee of investigation:
  • Peter Cullen -President & Chairman.
  • Gil Peterson -Cultural Affairs Officer
  • Mike McKinley -Sports Officer
  • Gary Urwin -Treasurer and Messrs Arnold, Collins, Cuthbert, Law and Miller

Both motions were carried.

Clause II

The Committee has held a number of meetings and has reached the general conclusion that it cannot satisfy itself that the financial affairs of cultural or sports clubs in 1971 were satisfactory in so far as it was unclear in many cases whether or not nonstudent rate as set out in the Constitution.

Clause III

In the case of the Rugby club the Committee decided that most non-student members were not charged at the non-student rate. In the case of the Anti-War Movement and the Socialist Club the Committee decided that there were non-student members who again did not pay the minimum $1 non-student Cultural Club levy In fact, no member of any Cultural Club paid the $1 minimum non-student levy.

Clause IV

In view of the fact that Schedule 3A of the Constitution, (Section 7) (states that any non-member of VUWSA must pay a minimum fee of $1 to the Cultural Affairs Council to become a member of any Cultural Club and in view of the fact that Schedule 3B, section 7 states that any non member of the Association must pay a minimum fee of $2 to the respective sport club they wish to join in order to become a member of it. *(Note 1). The Committee hereby recommends:
a)that the grant application form for both sports and cultural clubs contains a question requesting the total number of members of VUWSA and non-members who are members of the respective club. In the case of sports clubs - a team list for the present season must be included and thus must be broken down into those persons who are members of VUWSA and those who are not In the case of Cultural clubs the same two lists must be supplied.
b)A spot check of Cultural clubs is to be undertaken by the Cultural affairs auditor and of Sports clubs by the Sports Council auditor to ensure that the list of students and non-students they give is consistent with the VUWSA membership roll. A spot check should involve the four Cultural and four Sports Clubs respectively.
c)No grants are to be paid to any Cultural or Sports club until it complies with recommendation (a) above.

Clause V

The Committee wishes to make clear that although the non-students fee collection principles set out in the Constitution have not been followed in 1971, the recommendations set out in this report are abided by the position will thereby be rectified.

Clause VI

The Committee recommends to SRC that the above recommendations be implemented and that the Annual Report and accounts of VUWSA for 1971 do be accepted and that the Sports and Cultural grants be paid over to the Sports Council and the Cultural Clubs respectively.