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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

[Letter from David Cunningham]


During the AGM of the Association, the Treasurer was booed and heckled as he tried to amend a motion. The mood of the meeting was for giving a donation to O.H.M.S. Was the Treasurer against this move? No, he was trying to give, more.

During the tour debate Bishop Baines was rudely told to speak up or leave by some supporters of Hart. Was the Bishop supporting the tour? No, he was giving a reasoned account of why the vast majority of the Christian church in New Zealand opposses the tour.

During the same debate I overheard someone singing the praises of Ken Gray's reasoned speech in favour of the tour. Does Ken Gray support the tour? No, he is one of the few Rugby players in this country with enough mental capacity to see past the Springboks to apartheid. His opposition to the tour is no secret.

Is not this a wonder, is not this a mystery, that here in this community which steadfastly seeks wisdom and knowledge, we find so many post-students, persons who have ceased to study because they know it all. People who know what all treasurers say, who know what all Bishops say, who know what all Rugby players believe Is this another achievement of our age, that our knowledge is such that we no longer have to listen to others, but can wipe out minds of them in advance?

We should bear in mind that in the words of our neighbours are found our greatest hopes We should respond to the words of our oppressed neighbours in southern Africa. We should also hear, with sorrow or with joy, the words of our neighbours in Wellington.

david [unclear: I] Cunningham.