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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

Home, Fam Residence

Home, [unclear: Fam] Residence

Home, fam residence banner

An African [unclear: worn] in a town and lived there continuously for [unclear: find] but then left to reside elsewhere for any [unclear: period weeks], is not entitled as of right to return to [unclear: there] he was born and to remain there for [unclear: more enty-two] two hours, unless he has obtained a [unclear: perm]

An African [unclear: w nce] birth, resided continuously in a town is [unclear: no s] right to have living with him in that town [unclear: f an] Seventy-two hours a married daughter, a son [unclear: reached] the age of eighteen, a niece, a nephew [unclear: child].

If an [unclear: African having] contracted a marriage, takes up [unclear: perm dence] with her husband in accommodation provide [unclear: employer] in town where her husband has [unclear: live worked] continuously for 25 years, she is guilty [unclear: al offence].

A policeman [unclear: is o enter] and search premises on which he has [unclear: suspect] African youth (eighteen [unclear: year is] committing the criminal offence of residing [unclear: v her] without having been issued with the [unclear: necessary to] do so.

An African [unclear: b sixteen,] who has left school and lives at [unclear: hons] parents (who maintain him) but does not work [unclear: y time], be arrested without warrant by a police [unclear: has] reason to believe that he is an idle [unclear: person]

An African [unclear: worn] in a town and has worked and lived there [unclear: years] may be required at any time to leave [unclear: th d] take up residence in a Bantu area where he [unclear: haved] and has no relatives or friends. If he [unclear: remain wn] than three days after he has received [unclear: w re] leave, he is guilty of a criminal offence.

The law of [unclear: sa] [unclear: ovides] for the division of all towns into [unclear: se] which only members of the white [unclear: red] groups", may own land or premises.

No "obviously [unclear: person] who is married to or cohabits with an [unclear: African coloured] person may be included in the white [unclear: grc]

The State [unclear: Prey]whenever is deemed expedient", by [unclear: pr] in the Government Gazette", declare that [unclear: a ea] which heen occupied by coloured person [unclear: n] land there (no matter how long such [unclear: occupation] [unclear: nership] have continued) shall be a white group [unclear: from] a specified date. When such white group [unclear: een] declared, a coloured person living in the [unclear: area ough] he has lived there continuously for fifty [unclear: year use] which he owns) may not remain there longer [unclear: period] of grace, of not less than twelve months, [unclear: inister] of the interior, in his discretion, decides [unclear: to]

No white [unclear: person] a town may (unless he has received a licence [unclear: fr ty] council) accommodate on the premises which [unclear: he] son of his African servant who lives there, [unclear: if] has reached the age of ten years.

A labour [unclear: officer] any time cancel the employment of an African [unclear: as] in a town, no matter how long he has been [unclear: en ven] though his employer opposes the cancellation [unclear: ican] who employment has been cancelled, may [unclear: roed] from the town where he worked and [unclear: prohibited turning] to that town for such period as the [unclear: labou] specifies.

A white [unclear: Person in] a town who employs ab Africa to any [unclear: carp klaying], electrical fitting or other skilled work [unclear: w ecial] exemption granted by the Minister of [unclear: Labours] a criminal offence. A white person living in [unclear: a mmits] at a criminal offence if he employ an [unclear: African waiter] at a party in his home, unless such [unclear: African an] granted the necessary permit by a labour [unclear: burea]

It is [unclear: unlawful] African worker to take part in a strike for any [unclear: re atsoever]. If he does, he is guilty of a criminal [unclear: o unishable] by a fine not exceeding $1,400 or [unclear: im nt] for not longer than three years, or both [unclear: such] imprisonment.

An African [unclear: fa rker] who calls on other workers to strike for [unclear: an im] pary commits a criminal offence.

An African [unclear: we ersonal] favour and page break without receiving payment, repairs a defective electrical fitting in the living quarters of a friend who resides on his employer's premises in a town is guilty of a criminal offence.

An African Is prohibited from doing skilled work in the building industry in any town in white South Africa.

A white person who pays his domestic servant for repairing a damaged roof in his home commits a criminal offence.

A municipal labour officer may, at any time, terminate the employment of any African in his area, if he decides that such employment "is not bona fide", even though the employment has continued for twenty-five years to the complete satisfaction of such African's white employer.

A white workman, who is permanently totally disabled is entitled to a monthly pension based on his earnings; an African similarly disabled is entitled to a lump sum based on his earnings, but not to a monthly pension.

When an employer has established living quarters for his African workers, no worker living there may receive a visitor at any time, unless he has been granted permission to do so by his employer or some other authorized person.