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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 9. 9 May 1972

All Things to all Men

All Things to all Men

The built-in ambiguity and indecisiveness of Labour Party policy in the past is the outcome of an attempt to remain all things to all men. That we are not likely to see any noticeable change in this attitude towards policy was established at last year's conference when President Bill Rowling smugly assured members that Labour knew what its election policies were going to be, but wasn't going to announce them too far in advance because the nasty old Tories would pull their usual fast one and steal our policy That is a fair indication that in November, Labour will as usual be relying on the law of averages and the indifference of the voter to the small print, for its chance to administer the status quo for three years. As usual also, it will fail.