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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 8. 27 April 1972



Another bastion of male preserve has fallen. Women have made a grab at the masculine balls of the 'vie' harrier club. Three demure ladies trotted around the exclusive streets of Khandallah on a recent Saturday afternoon in the interests of physical fitness and for the traditional harrier reward of tea and biscuits.

Whether or not any significance can be attached to this is a matter for speculation. However, a remarkable number [unclear: ov] over forty males turned out to run for the club. Indeed, this augers well for the harrier season as there are many newcomers to the club, with a good mixture of fast medium and social pack material.

The run was held from the home of Dr. T. Beaglehole, who was able to pursuade his wife to provide an excellent afternoon tea.

The fast pack, without the steady guidance of Ian Stockwell, got lost amongst the mists of Kau Kau. Frank Nolan, and Grorge Hooper (ex Canterbury University) figured in leading a strenuous assault on the hills. Len Watson showed a lot of pace on the downhill sections and kept the rest of the runners moving along at a fast rate. Everyone eventually made Johnsonville and a distance of some 12 miles was covered by the time Khandallah was reached again.

The medium pack was led on a miniature version of the fast packs course by Brian Dawkins and Tony Woolhouse It is believed that Martin Fisher also made some impact, but whether this was on the "chicks" they passed or on the leading runners is not totally clear.

The slow pack was more anonymous It is believed to have contained some of the newer members. Including one from Weir House "greener" and sweaters" added some astute guidance at finding short cuts, so naturally they were first at afternoon tea. Perhaps were first at afternoon tea. Perhaps they should be renamed "fast" pack.

The social pack were last seen heading in the direction of the "W.P." Conor McBride was reported to be in good form. However, our reporters are want to be short on details, so that can be treated with some scepticism. Anyway coming Saturdays should see a sorting out of the fit from the unfit. The club held its novice cup race at Seatoun on Saturday 22nd. In future club members should check the sports noticeboard for Eric's splurges on "how to get there" and "what to do" and "how to do it." Question mark of the week is Will Bruce Batten run in the Novice?

Ian Hunt.