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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 7. 19 April 1972

Lindisfarne —


Known to the masses for Lady Eleanor - released as a single off their first LP Nicely Out of Tune ( a relatively fresh and exciting opener), Lindisfarne have now presented their second sed - Fog on the Tyne. Recorded in summer '71 under the auspices of Bob Johnston, responsible for many of both Dylan's and Cohen's records Unfortunately it offers no surprises and shows very few signs of an expected progression. This folk-rock quintet, distinctiveness lies in the successful mandolin - acoustic combination which provides the foundation for their sound. I might add that Rod Stewart is also indebted to this particular sound format, as it features strongly on his successful LP Every Picture Tells a Story.

Distinctive as this sound may be, it cannot carry a whole LP on its own, and Lindisfarne have neither Stewart's vocal power nor the quality of his songs in order to lift their second release above the mediocre.

However, the worth of this group lies in their crisp, clear harmonies and their soft, mellow backing and both these qualities are the saving graces of the album. Side One opens with Meet Me on the Corner, a simple yet lively ditty, marred by an opening all too reminiscent of one and an interesting rock bracket, and a vaguely blues-based Train in G Major provides a welcome break from the well-worn strains of the mandolin, with some agreeable battle neck and piano breaks.

Overall, a pleasant and harmless LP with an over abundance of uninteresting melodies and an admirable collection of trite and banal lyrics. A verse from the title-track is enough to dampen any glimmer of enthusiasm.

We can swing together, we can have a wee-wee.
We can have a wet on the wall.
If someone slips a whisper that its simple sister
Slap her down and slap it on her smalls.

Stephen Matthews