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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972




You have been good enough to publish a review of the Anti-Apartheid Conference contributed by 'The Instigators'. The contributors who are concealed behind this provocation manage to spread more bullshit in a couple of paragraphs than could be cleared up in a whole issue of Salient. I will try to shed a little light on the subject.

"Devereaux attempted to ignore reality....... in pushing the line that South African racism and fascism is really only a manifestation of class struggle," say the Instigators. How pitifull "Facism is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, the most chauvinistic section of imperialist finance capital." Such has been the definition of fascism, of which Apartheid is a variant, recognised as scientifically valid by the radical and revolutionary working class movements since 1935.

Logan Moodley was able to show Conference how Apartheid put millions of dollars into the coffers of mine owner Oppenheimer, how Anglo-American Corporation made more millions and how 300 representatives of Yankee imperialism had horned in on the bonanza which apartheid laid before the financiers of the world.

In other contributions to conference, the miserable wage-rates of coloured proletarians was graphically described.

What was described in all these contributions was the war being waged on these coloured proletarians by international finance capital using the weapon of Apartheid or South African Fascism. Apartheid is a parts of the boss Class's war an all subject classes. White workers are privileged only as compared with the coloured - the old 'divide and rule' tactic.

All this came out at the Conference but was ignored.

Instead Conference chose to express the desire to persuede the ruling class in South Africa to allow the coloured workers to urinate in the same piss house as they now reserve for their own exclusive use. They chose to appeal to that class to choose its coloured workers to represent it in sports teams.

In refusing to make contact with non-white sports bodies and in refusing to request that the Rugby Football Union do likewise. Conference in practice recognised Danny Craven's organisation as the only representative authority for Rugby contacts. And Denny Craven is a boss class functionary as certainly as is the executive of the NZ Rugby Football Union. See "The NZ Listener", Vol. 69. Number 1 1659, programmes for March 20 - 26, 1972.

How typically opportunist the "Instigators" prove to be when they suggest "that after being rubbished twice he (Devereux) may have shut up and entered into the spirit of the Conference." They ask me and you Mr. Editor give space to the appeal, to abandon working class principles in order to trail behind the revisionist and religious leadership of the Conference.

The "Instigators" claim that there were "some other Communists present" at the Conference The unfortunate fact is that I was the only Communist representative present. Others may claim to be such, but revise communism at every point.

S.D. Devereaux