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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972




This is essentially a matter between Peter Wilson and his confessor, but he spoke an untruth at last Thursday's Student Association AGM.

He spoke as representative to the Chaplaincy board, and the platform of his speech was that he spoke on behalf of the university chaplains to the contraceptive debate.

I expected more validity to his statements than there actually was, - but then, that's my mistake. Later, in consultation with the chaplains (who he claimed to speak for) I have discovered that they voiced no favour in the installation of the contraceptive vending machines. The three chaplains speak as one voice on issues they consider worthy. And on no occasion have they voiced the agreement to the installation of the vending machines that he claimed they had. Again I say, his words were an untruth to that student audience.

I don't know how Pete made such a false claim. Possibly it was his wish to force the vote of having the contraceptive vending machines installed. Possibly, such was his conviction. Yet he spoke as the chaplaincy rep (for that's how he introduced himself) in complete misrepresentation of the facts. May I please ask for an apology.

However, it is fact now that the Student's Association has no money to buy that debated contraceptive machine. At the last stages of the AGM it was voted that the entire budget for Studass spending this year, go to the North Vietnam Medical Relief Fund.

Simon C. Roughen